Monday, May 24, 2010

Driver BN kena malu dengan MCA

Tuesday May 25, 2010

Di bawah tajuk 'Boy's RM8mil gambling losses', The Star Online hari ini melaporkan MCA Kapar berjaya memungut 2,000 tanda tangan untuk kempen “Anti-Gambling at Internet Cafes” hanya dalam masa dua jam.

Berita selanjutnya ialah mengenai seorang remaja ketagih judi. Pada usia 19 tahun, ia telah kalah judi sebanyak RM 8 juta! Judi bola sepak online adalah kegemaran beliau.

Ia mewarisi tabiat perjudian itu dari bapanya, seorang jutawan.

MCA memungut tanda tangan menyekat perjudian, termasuk perjudian bola sepak online. UMNO?

Tanggungjawab moral MCA nampaknya melebihi parti 'driver' BN.

PORT KLANG: A boy who went into high-stakes gambling at the age of 16 accumulated losses amounting to about RM8mil by the time he was 19.

The boy, a millionaire’s son, had allegedly followed in his father’s footsteps by gambling and ended up losing millions in foreign football bets over the Internet.

His compulsion for betting was so great that he came to be known as the Little Dragon.

Yesterday, Klang Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Teh Kim Poo (pic) who was unable to coax the teenager to come forward to relate his gambling spree, said the youth’s gambling habit stemmed from his father, a compulsive gambler.

“This teenager grew up watching his father gamble and at the age of 16, he began to gamble after gambling agents gave him a credit line of RM100,000. Each time he was buried in debt, his father would bail him out. Over these three years, there have been several bail-outs,” he said.

Teh added when the accumulated losses came to RM8mil, it was the last straw for the father. The man, in his 50s, barred him from gambling and stopped his son from attending college. He now works with his father.

Teh added that Pandamaran New Village had become a hot place for such gambling and simple wooden houses were equipped with Internet facilities for the activity.

On Sunday, Klang and Kapar MCA held an “Anti-Gambling at Internet Cafes” signature campaign at the Taman Eng Ann morning market.

It got more than 2,000 signatures from parents in two hours.

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Anonymous said...

I am a chinese who is not a member of MCA, does not agree with and form of gambling or betting.

My vote goes to PAS @ Pakatan. So MCA can try anything, we still fail to see their sincerity.