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Cried Wael Ghoneim doubled the number of demonstrators in Tahrir Square to three million ...

Cried Wael Ghoneim doubled the number of demonstrators in Tahrir Square to three million ... Ghoneim image dominated the television networks in the U.S. ... Mubarak asked to meet him and egyptian say: if he runs for president Ghoneim would win 99 percent of the vote

February 08 2011 19:06

Network said the Reuters news agency that the tears and Wael Ghoneim was behind the momentum of today's demonstration by an estimated three million people, while the controlled image of the young Egyptian television networks in the U.S. started talking about the power of young people the Internet in Egypt, which toppled the repressive was Adli run more than two million security man at the While rumors that President Mubarak has asked for an interview and Wael Ghanim said that the Egyptian Ghoneim if he ran for president would win 99 percent of the vote

According to Reuter collapsed Ghoneim, Product Manager and Regional Marketing at Google in the Middle East, which was detained by state security police for 12 days, blindfolded, in tears during a television interview conducted on Monday after his release (after displaying pictures of the martyrs of the Youth Internet) and said the system, which arrests people just because they express their opinion to be brought down. wrote TOM dot com site two hours after the appearance of Ghoneim on television "Tears Ghoneim moved millions so that they reflected the political position of some converts from the position where the pro-survival to the position of opposition." He joined during that short period of about 70 thousand people the pages of facebook to express their support for him. Joined Ghoneim Tuesday to protest in Tahrir Square and speeches in them, saying, "You are heroes. I am not a hero. You are the heroes." Ghoneim said, told Reuters later in "My condolences to all parents and mothers who lost sons and daughters who died for their dream. These are the real heroes who gave their lives for their country. "" I saw young men dying and now the president's responsibility to see what are the demands of the people, "adding that these demands include the resignation Mubarak

He added: "Egypt is above all is for all ... the blood of people who died should not go in vain." Delivered men in civilian clothes arrested Ghoneim, after two days of protests broke out in January 25 .. Those protests, which called for through a page on facebook. Did not know Google or family Ghoneim place and his fate became a matter of concern. During his detention did not know Ghoneim current events outside the bars and was interrogated on what the authorities believe that there are foreign forces behind the campaign, Facebook and protests Jan. 25. And when said anchor corresponding to the Ghneim on the air that almost 300 people were killed in the unrest, while he was in custody he began to cry. He said in the interview was overcome with remorse for his role in a crowd of protesters, "I am sorry but DVD and God Almighty is my fault. de mistake each and every one was a holder in power and Mtpt (anchored) in it." collected Page "authorize Wael Ghoneim to speak on behalf of the rebels of Egypt" on Facebook more than 148 thousand supporters in less than one day

Wrote someone named MEDA Acura on Facebook, "I know that there are 200 people in favor of Mubarak, and they want to end the revolution. But after seeing Wael Ghneim and lied to the Egyptian media will go to liberation." Images and the Egyptian media of protesters who blocked the field of liberalization is vital to traffic in downtown Cairo that they are fanatics is officials and they are destroying the Egyptian economy and carry out the agendas of foreign elements. The government has stepped up pressure on the protesters to leave the field of editing. She said they impede the economic recovery after the serious damage caused to the country because of the popular uprising. And feel some resentment because of Cairo's population continued to sit round the clock. And attacked supporters of Mubarak protesters last week and left behind 11 dead and more than a thousand wounded. He asked one of the military leaders of the protesters to leave the field "in order to preserve Egypt." Wrote journalist Muhammad Garhi for Wael Ghoneim he Bouazizi Egyptian, referring to Mohammed Bouazizi, who helped to ignite the uprising of Tunisia last month when he set himself on fire in protest against poverty and corruption. And use the activists sites Facebook and Twitter and other social networks to disseminate ideas of protest after the defection of Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia on 14 January and the call of the force to the extent that the Egyptian authorities cut off Internet service for days during the uprising

Tuesday and spread a lot of pictures of people killed during the protests on Web sites while turning many of the claimants Mubarak to grant an opportunity to press for reform in order to overthrow him. Activists say that the tears Ghoneim scene contrasts with the lack of remorse shown by Mubarak. He did not say Mubarak (82 years), something about the dead during his talk to the people last week. "Said Zainab Mohammed Egyptian blogger famous for Reuters:" The big thing to happen. Did not expect to be a great day to this degree ... of hundreds of Egyptians were killed in all parts of Egypt did not kindly Mubarak to apologize or express sorrow for their families. Wael tears and was much truer

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